MPNFL Sharks set for a Showdown

MPNFL coach Chris Holcombe is keen to quench the hard-earned thirst of becoming the number-one league in the state after naming an initial 62-man squad for this year’s AFL Victoria Community Championships. Holcombe and his Sharks will head to Preston City Oval on May 19 to take on Northern, with the winner earning a crack... View Article

MPNFL coach Chris Holcombe is keen to quench the hard-earned thirst of becoming the number-one league in the state after naming an initial 62-man squad for this year’s AFL Victoria Community Championships.

Holcombe and his Sharks will head to Preston City Oval on May 19 to take on Northern, with the winner earning a crack at either Geelong or Eastern for the number-one ranking in 2019.

The former Mornington coach has stayed true to a loyal band of players that battled bravely against Geelong at the MCG last year, where the inaccurate Sharks had more shots at goal but fell just short in their quest to become number one.

The squad is comprised of 49 players from MPNFL Division One and 13 from division two.

Not surprisingly, league powerhouse Frankston YCW leads the way with 10 selections with Edithvale-Aspendale having eight.

Holcombe said it had been a challenging but enjoyable process to get to this important stage in proceedings.

“It’s been an interesting process with so many new players in the league and it really has highlighted how deep the talent goes in the MPNFL this year,” Holcombe explained.

“The coaching staff got out to a lot of practice games and we spread out to all six matches over Easter to come up with this final squad of players. We took our own stock of things but also tapped into the people who know what these players are capable of, the coaches, and they were fantastic with their feedback.”

Holcombe said there were many strings to the squad’s bow, but versatility was the number-one thing he and his coaching staff were looking for.

“Variety is probably the thing that stood out,” he said.

“We’ve got a really good mix of strong inside mids, some quick and dangerous outside runners, and we think we’ve been a little top heavy up forward so we’ve included more of a spread in that area of the ground.”

When pushed for an answer, Holcombe said players like Lachie Batten (Edi-Asp), Sean Downie (Rosebud) and Sam Fox (Frankston Bombers) were players he was looking towards to fill that critical area of the ground.

He also recognised that the implementation of the ranking system back in 2012 had been a breath of fresh air for interleague footy.

“I think the concept of the rankings has been a fantastic way to bring that extra dimension to interleague football,” he said.

“In the past we played for the pride of the jumper only, but a win or loss really didn’t matter so much for next year. But now there is a lot of pressure on the day to perform and I think that adds significantly to the interleague experience.”

Holcombe also acknowledge that there was significant pressure on to get the job done.

“There is pressure on because the reality is if we win we head back to the big stage of Etihad or the MCG for the chance to be number one in the state, but lose and we drop down to number five and the opportunity drifts to two more years away, “he said.

“But players at this level enjoy pressure and I can’t wait to take on the challenge with this talented group. That’s the reality and we need to deal with it.”

He was also looking forward to simply enjoying the interleague experience.

“It’s a great honour to coach the interleague team because as a player you should always aspire to play at the highest level available and coaching should be the same,” he said.

“And I just love the interleague experience. Many great friendships have been forged over the years and I’m looking forward to sharing that experience with this group of players and the coaching staff.”

MPNFL Under 19 Coach Josh Moore has also announced a 62-man squad to take on Northern in the AFL Victoria Community Championships curtain raiser.


MPNFL Senior Coaching Staff


Chris Holcombe.

Assistant Coaches:   

Brendan Dunne, Andrew Morrison, Stuart Seger, Josh Moore.

Team Manager:      

David Morrison.


Andrew Schneider.


Training Dates (Seniors 6pm – Under 19 5.30pm)


Frankston Park


April 11, May 2, May 9.

Final Lead In:    

Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 May.


Chris Holcombe                0401 931 166

David Morrison                0400 825 883

Josh Moore (U19)            0433 271 571



BONBEACH: Jackson Casey, Trent Dennis-Lane, Dylan Jones, Shane McDonald.

DEVON MEADOWS: Mat Fletcher.

DROMANA: Beau Cosson, Ethan Johnston, Rikki Johnston.

EDI-ASP: Lachie Batten, Michael Bussey, Matthew Clark, Brett Dore, Liam Hulett, Steve Mannix, Sam Monaghan, Brett O’Hanlon.

FRANKSTON BOMBERS: Corey Buchan, Sam Fox, Jarrad Grant, Jason Kingsbury, Dale Sutton.

FRANKSTON YCW: Byron Barry, Brenton Credlin, Michael Debenham, Kyle Hutchison, Kevin Lylak, Scott MacLeod, Paul Minchington, Christian Ongarello, Ryan Santon, Lachlan Wallace.

HASTINGS: Matt Boland, Shaun Foster, Paul Rogasch.

KARINGAL: David Hirst, Andrew McInnes, Steve McInnes.

MORNINGTON: Jackson Calder, Thomas Hobbs, Joel Miller, Warwick Miller.

MT ELIZA: James Freeman, Sam Gill, Mitch McCarthy, Shane Tennant.

PINES: Tim Bongetti, Nick Boswell, Guy Hendry, Luke Potts, Paul Scanlon.

RED HILL: Jonah Siversen.

ROSEBUD: Keegan Downie, Sean Downie.

RYE: Tom Baker.

SEAFORD: Damien Rayson.

SOMERVILLE: Andrejs Everitt.

SORRENTO: James Brigden, Nick Corp, Chris Dawes, James Hallahan, Mitch Hallahan, Luke Tapscott.



BONBEACH: Aaron Ingram, Lachlan Stenning.

CHELSEA: Joel King, Vincent Kovacic.

CRIB POINT: Ned Shannon, Joe Smith, Aaron Whitford.


DROMANA: Luke Martin.

EDI-ASP: Zac Barrett, Matt Moloney, Ben Ward.

FRANKSTON BOMBERS: Lachlan Avery, Levi McLaughlin-Dore, Koby Villis, Liam Wishart.

FRANKSTON YCW: Bailey Angwin, Tom Baker, Caleb Douglas, Henry Vine.

HASTINGS: Matt Foy, Peter McGhee, Corbin Overton.

KARINGAL: Lachlan Hinde, Lachlan Saunders, Jarrod Sullivan, Nathan Villella.

LANGWARRIN: Jacob Allen, Nathan Allen, Liam McDonald, Liam O’Hallaran, Kye Whitford.

MORNINGTON: Harry Bould, Tim Susovich, Oliver Walsh.

MT ELIZA: Daniel House, Aaron Jackson, Tom Small, Aiden Smith.

PEARCEDALE: Luke Daniel.

PINES: Mick Bezzene, Liam Cox, James Cornell, Kadel Key, Joel Nicholls.

RED HILL: Kane Hawkins, Hayden Horscroft, Aiden Marchesani, Shea Mitchell.

ROSEBUD: Josh Harris.

RYE: Jackson Allen, Jarrod Richards, Kalani Ryan, Jayden Thomas.

SEAFORD: Ishak Bashir, James Dickson, Isaac Nippard, Bailey Schmitt.

SOMERVILLE: Austin Fawcett, Zane Martin, Cameron Mills.

TYABB: Brad Williams.


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