MPNFL Netball 2018 League Best and Fairest Votes

Here is the full list of MPNFL Best and Fairest vote-getters from right across the nine grades of netball. Congratulations to all players who caught the umpires’ attention in 2018. DIVISION 1 – A GRADE PLAYER CLUB VOTES Vickery, Christina Edithvale Aspendale FNC 29 Kelly, Rebecca Sorrento FNC 24 Mc Dermott, Millie Rosebud FNC 24... View Article

Here is the full list of MPNFL Best and Fairest vote-getters from right across the nine grades of netball. Congratulations to all players who caught the umpires’ attention in 2018.

Vickery, Christina Edithvale Aspendale FNC 29
Kelly, Rebecca Sorrento FNC 24
Mc Dermott, Millie Rosebud FNC 24
Robertson, Tayla Seaford FNC 21
Barry, Lyshae Frankston YCW FC 19
Mundy, Hannah Sorrento FNC 19
Haddock, Tess Mornington FNC 18
White, Emma Rosebud FNC 17
Cosans, Rachel Seaford FNC 14
Hunter, Georgia Mornington FNC 14
Morris, Polly-Mae Frankston Bombers FNC 13
Page, Candace Mornington FNC 13
Cant, Brooke Frankston YCW FC 11
Hale, Merinda Pines FNC 11
Hynes, Remi Bonbeach FNC 11
Liepa, Nichelle Seaford FNC 11
Toleafoa, Alesina Seaford FNC 11
Whitnell, Ashleigh Frankston YCW FC 11
Blaauw, Theresa Bonbeach FNC 11
O’Hehir, Briana Sorrento FNC 11
Cooper, Tess Mornington FNC 10
Ball, Alexandra Edithvale Aspendale FNC 9
Booth, Holly Frankston YCW FC 9
Robinson, Lauren Rosebud FNC 9
Schaeche, Alana Sorrento FNC 8
Taylor, Nicole Edithvale Aspendale FNC 8
Blackburn, Maddison Pines FNC 7
Patterson, Emily Edithvale Aspendale FNC 7
Archdeacon, Brittany Mornington FNC 7
O’Donnell, Shelley Sorrento FNC 6
Chianta, Nicole Rosebud FNC 6
Doderico, Emma Bonbeach FNC 6
Manders, Louise Bonbeach FNC 6
McDonald, Elly Frankston YCW FC 6
Hadgkiss, Nicole Rosebud FNC 6
McDonald, Madelyn Mt Eliza FNC 5
Mitchener, Ashleigh Seaford FNC 5
Newton, Alex Mornington FNC 5
Rudolph, Katey Mornington FNC 5
Russo, Carly Mt Eliza FNC 5
Bailey, Holly Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Dell, Tracey Seaford FNC 4
Mason, Emma Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Russo, Ellie Mt Eliza FNC 4
Taylor, Danni Sorrento FNC 4
Muston, Sarah Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Boyle, Ashlee Pines FNC 3
Gladman, Ashlea Sorrento FNC 3
Macinnes, Caris Edithvale Aspendale FNC 3
Taylor, Dominique Sorrento FNC 3
Tiaiti, Tarina Pines FNC 3
Youlten, Kate Sorrento FNC 3
Cuthbertson, Georgina Edithvale Aspendale FNC 3
Pahl, Rebecca Edithvale Aspendale FNC 3
Heinrich, Jade Frankston YCW FC 2
Hargrave, Kara Seaford FNC 2
Rennison, Shannon Seaford FNC 2
Boulton, Stephanie Frankston YCW FC 2
Bucca, Tamara Frankston YCW FC 2
Denniston-Spaull, Tiahn Sorrento FNC 2
Hollis, Brianna Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Leach, Bethany Rosebud FNC 2
Leeds, Anne Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Myatt, Emma Mt Eliza FNC 2
Robertson, Chelsea Seaford FNC 2
Sanders, Michelle Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Rielly, Ayla Pines FNC 2
McGuigan, Eliza Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Brittain, Louise Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Exner, Jordyn Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Graham, Maddison Sorrento FNC 1
O’Hare, Jamie Mt Eliza FNC 1
Porter, Catherine Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Ryan, Bridget Mt Eliza FNC 1
Silvester, Samantha Mt Eliza FNC 1
Hunter, Sally Rosebud FNC 1
Scott, Laura K Edithvale Aspendale FNC 1
Peebles, Brittany Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Tully, Staci Edithvale Aspendale FNC 25
Robertson, Chelsea Seaford FNC 24
Grant, Gemma Sorrento FNC 21
Wade, Lisa Frankston YCW FC 18
Keenan, Kirsty Frankston YCW FC 18
Boswell, Charlie Mt Eliza FNC 15
Francis, Belinda Edithvale Aspendale FNC 14
Schramm, Paige Frankston YCW FC 14
Hyndman, Michelle Mt Eliza FNC 12
Pahl, Rebecca Edithvale Aspendale FNC 12
Scott, Laura K Edithvale Aspendale FNC 11
Hanlon, Sarah Seaford FNC 11
Camilleri, Jo Mt Eliza FNC 11
Crouch, Chloe Pines FNC 9
Hartskeerl, Tahlia Frankston Bombers FNC 9
Dewhurst, Hayley Seaford FNC 8
Ould, Taylah Frankston YCW FC 8
Patterson, Abbey Frankston YCW FC 8
Sharman, Chloe Frankston Bombers FNC 8
swayn, piper Pines FNC 8
Kirk, Jessica Edithvale Aspendale FNC 7
Ballard, Olivia Mornington FNC 7
Kibel, Molly Edithvale Aspendale FNC 7
Rottier, Claire Seaford FNC 7
Feutrill, Meg Mornington FNC 7
Kelly, Demi Mornington FNC 7
Bell-Towers, Bridgette Mornington FNC 6
Denniston-Spaull, Tiahn Sorrento FNC 6
Dyer, Georgia Bonbeach FNC 6
Swayn, Darcy Pines FNC 6
Day, Rachel Sorrento FNC 6
Tufuga, Ngaire Pines FNC 6
Dawson, Tiarne Mt Eliza FNC 6
Hutchinson, Abigail Mt Eliza FNC 6
Denniston-Spaull, Mikkea Sorrento FNC 5
Foot, Ashlea Seaford FNC 5
Tiaiti, Regina Pines FNC 5
White, India Rosebud FNC 5
Kibel, Georgie Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Turnbull, Riley Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Crockett, Jade Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Inglis, Siobhan Seaford FNC 4
Morgenthaler, Brittany Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Phillips, Sophie Sorrento FNC 4
Sutcliffe, Leah Mornington FNC 4
Taylor, Ebony Mt Eliza FNC 4
Thomson, Lily Pines FNC 4
Zach, Maddison Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Tanian, Ashlyn Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Pullen, Amelia Pines FNC 4
Kitchin, Jacelle Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Webster, Carly Mt Eliza FNC 4
Sykes, Serena Bonbeach FNC 4
HILL, Mim Seaford FNC 4
Wray, Helen Seaford FNC 3
Bodycomb, Sarah Frankston Bombers FNC 3
Dunston, Hollie Rosebud FNC 3
Edwards, Chelsie Mornington FNC 3
Farrelly, Ashlee Rosebud FNC 3
Foot, Jenna Seaford FNC 3
Gaudion, Ashlee Bonbeach FNC 3
Meade, Erin Frankston YCW FC 3
Taylor, Dominique Sorrento FNC 3
Thomas, Sophie Pines FNC 3
Watkins, Chelsea Sorrento FNC 3
Watts, Jennifer Sorrento FNC 3
Woods, Jenae Sorrento FNC 3
McCrabb, Caitlyn Rosebud FNC 3
Tennent, Alison Bonbeach FNC 3
O’Hehir, Briana Sorrento FNC 3
Dell, Meagan Seaford FNC 2
Chapman, Shaylee Mt Eliza FNC 2
Croad, Anna Sorrento FNC 2
Davis, Lily Sorrento FNC 2
Harvey, Lauren Rosebud FNC 2
Hodge, Rubie Frankston YCW FC 2
Pallas, Tayla Mornington FNC 2
Paterson, Kiandra Frankston YCW FC 2
Caton, Danielle Bonbeach FNC 2
Bates, Sarah Bonbeach FNC 2
Phillips, Amy Frankston YCW FC 2
Ryan, Brittanie Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Chikan, Rachelle Pines FNC 2
Ouliaris, Kaitlyn Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Hansen, Kirsten Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Brown, Charlotte Mornington FNC 2
Mcinerney, Grace Bonbeach FNC 2
Hallas, Emma Rosebud FNC 1
Anwyl, Diana Mt Eliza FNC 1
Baker, Sophie Mornington FNC 1
Corbett, Jacqueline Mornington FNC 1
Harris, Tayla Sorrento FNC 1
Miller, Keeley Pines FNC 1
Myatt, Emma Mt Eliza FNC 1
Pulis, Bernadette Bonbeach FNC 1
Stubbs, Chloe Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Treacy, Lauren Frankston YCW FC 1
Elbrow, Kaileigh Frankston YCW FC 1
Southam, Rose Bonbeach FNC 1
Smith, Jessica Rosebud FNC 1
Gales, Sarah Bonbeach FNC 1
Ingram, Tayla Mt Eliza FNC 20
Mc Kenzie, Keely Mornington FNC 19
Morcom, Wendy Edithvale Aspendale FNC 15
Vine, Ruby Frankston YCW FC 15
Mcinerney, Grace Bonbeach FNC 15
Prentice, Tayla Rosebud FNC 15
Mc Manamny, Jorden Mt Eliza FNC 14
Voss, Hannah Bonbeach FNC 14
Buckley, Laura Edithvale Aspendale FNC 12
Rohan, Jaime Frankston YCW FC 12
Dew, Zoe Bonbeach FNC 12
Lovett, Danielle Seaford FNC 11
Miller, Keeley Pines FNC 11
Phersson, Ruby Sorrento FNC 10
Meagher, Louise Frankston YCW FC 9
Wright, Chloe Edithvale Aspendale FNC 9
Lemoa, Julia Pines FNC 9
Barrett, Stephanie Edithvale Aspendale FNC 8
Bishop, Casie Edithvale Aspendale FNC 8
Davis, Lily Sorrento FNC 8
Harvey, Rachel Pines FNC 8
Nisbet, Sarah Sorrento FNC 8
Te Huna, Shakaia Pines FNC 8
Uccello, Rebecca Frankston Bombers FNC 8
Weymouth, Kelsey Frankston YCW FC 8
Anwyl, Diana Mt Eliza FNC 7
Caldwell, Karen Mt Eliza FNC 7
Campitelli, Emma Bonbeach FNC 7
Treacy, Holly Frankston YCW FC 7
Whittaker, Anna Frankston YCW FC 7
Eastgate, Jacqui Mornington FNC 7
Barry, Maxine Frankston YCW FC 6
Mack, Bethany Frankston Bombers FNC 6
Ramadge, Tina Frankston Bombers FNC 6
Thorne, Melissa Mornington FNC 6
Jacobson, Sarah Seaford FNC 6
Treacy, Lauren Frankston YCW FC 6
Turner, Teagan Rosebud FNC 6
Buckley, Abby Frankston Bombers FNC 5
Harvey, Lauren Rosebud FNC 5
Garlick, Tiahn Rosebud FNC 5
Hardy, Alisha Seaford FNC 5
Martin, Kate Mt Eliza FNC 5
Rennison, Jessica Mornington FNC 5
Windhager, Julia Edithvale Aspendale FNC 5
Hall, Macy Sorrento FNC 5
Phillips, Amy Frankston YCW FC 5
Steneker, Nicole Edithvale Aspendale FNC 5
Allen, Kelsey Mt Eliza FNC 4
Davenport, Keeley Seaford FNC 4
Leggerini, Kelsey Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Morrow, Chelsea Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Sutcliffe, kristen Mornington FNC 4
Davola, Bianca Seaford FNC 4
williams, sarah Mornington FNC 4
Barry, Tyler Frankston YCW FC 3
Brailsford, Marcelle Mt Eliza FNC 3
Davis, Ellie Rosebud FNC 3
Fankhauser, Brooke Sorrento FNC 3
Gibson, Olivia Mornington FNC 3
Heather, Keziah Pines FNC 3
Hyndman, Michelle Mt Eliza FNC 3
Ould, Taylah Frankston YCW FC 3
Taylor, Ebony Mt Eliza FNC 3
Wills, Lily Rosebud FNC 3
Woods, Meredith Rosebud FNC 3
patrickson, emily Mornington FNC 3
Peebles, Brittany Frankston Bombers FNC 3
Davis, Tonja Pines FNC 3
Soulsby, Trish Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Anthony, Christine Mornington FNC 2
Baker, Holly Mornington FNC 2
Chappel, Stephanie Mt Eliza FNC 2
Dyer, Izabella Mornington FNC 2
Foster, Emma Seaford FNC 2
French, Shanae Pines FNC 2
Grant, Gemma Sorrento FNC 2
Hyne, Charlotte Pines FNC 2
Lambie, Meg Sorrento FNC 2
Miller, Sophie Pines FNC 2
Robertson, Amy Seaford FNC 2
Russo, Karen Mt Eliza FNC 2
Thompson, Emma Bonbeach FNC 2
Hale, Jamie Mornington FNC 2
Berryman, Haylee Rosebud FNC 2
Liepa, Hannah Seaford FNC 2
Corbett, Jacqueline Mornington FNC 1
Graham, Meg Sorrento FNC 1
Hefford, Hollie-Rose Bonbeach FNC 1
King, Amanda Mt Eliza FNC 1
Rooth, Brianna Mt Eliza FNC 1
Zach, Holly Frankston Bombers FNC 1
McCrabb, Caitlyn Rosebud FNC 1
Buckley, Breeze Bonbeach FNC 1
Kamana, Danielle Pines FNC 1
Davenport, Keeley Seaford FNC 1
Dedeugd, Nicola Frankston YCW FC 30
Sumner, Lara Mornington FNC 24
Wright, Charlize Edithvale Aspendale FNC 19
Clarke, Holly Sorrento FNC 19
Lyall, Stephanie Bonbeach FNC 18
Clements, Rachael Frankston YCW FC 16
Rooth, Brianna Mt Eliza FNC 16
Drummond, Renee Frankston YCW FC 15
Meginess, Alana Pines FNC 15
Johnson, Ashleigh Edithvale Aspendale FNC 15
Ram, Krystal Mt Eliza FNC 12
Rizzo, Paige Frankston YCW FC 12
La Fontaine, Abbey Frankston YCW FC 11
Gilley, Charlotte Edithvale Aspendale FNC 10
Koziol, Samantha Mornington FNC 10
Lynch, Kayla Mornington FNC 9
Solomona, Stacey-Lee Pines FNC 9
Ashby, Jade Bonbeach FNC 9
Catterick, Eliese Frankston Bombers FNC 8
Graham, Meg Sorrento FNC 8
Hart, Jacinta S Edithvale Aspendale FNC 8
Maloney, Grace Frankston YCW FC 8
Thompson, Natalie Seaford FNC 8
Baker, Holly Mornington FNC 7
King, Taya C Mt Eliza FNC 7
Macpherson, Stephanie Seaford FNC 7
Allen, Olivia Mt Eliza FNC 6
Bates, Nicole Frankston Bombers FNC 6
Benjamin, Ruby Sorrento FNC 6
Davis, Lily Sorrento FNC 6
Gibson, Olivia Mornington FNC 6
Trolove, Jordyn Mt Eliza FNC 6
De Campo, Luisa Bonbeach FNC 6
Bertalli, Narelle Sorrento FNC 6
Strode, Kayla Bonbeach FNC 6
Mcdonald, Jessica Seaford FNC 6
Dell, Meagan Seaford FNC 5
Byrns, Amy Sorrento FNC 5
Lane, Phoebe Pines FNC 5
Herbert, Renee Edithvale Aspendale FNC 5
Baxter, Taylah Edithvale Aspendale FNC 4
Hocking, Georgia Frankston Bombers FNC 4
Linnell, Gemma Rosebud FNC 4
Cade, Olivia Sorrento FNC 4
Shorthouse, Alex Mornington FNC 4
Burke, Emma Pines FNC 4
Batten, Caitlin Bonbeach FNC 3
Worn, Renae Mt Eliza FNC 3
Duck, Alana Rosebud FNC 3
Jazownik, Lani Edithvale Aspendale FNC 3
Toelau, Tia Seaford FNC 3
Waldock, Lucy Mornington FNC 3
Turner, Taylah Rosebud FNC 3
Smith, Hanna Frankston Bombers FNC 3
Turner, Brooke Edithvale Aspendale FNC 3
O’Hehir, Briana Sorrento FNC 3
Corrin, Daekota Rosebud FNC 3
Cole, Sharni Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Cook, Megan Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Davis, Charlotte Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
Ewart, Morgan Pines FNC 2
Fernee, Alyssa Rosebud FNC 2
Fitzgerald, Kathleen Bonbeach FNC 2
Hardy, Alisha Seaford FNC 2
Hepner, Abbey Rosebud FNC 2
Hood, Ebony Sorrento FNC 2
Liepa, Michelle Seaford FNC 2
Nisbet, Sarah Sorrento FNC 2
Thompson, Nyreece Seaford FNC 2
Zampatti, Annabel Sorrento FNC 2
Eld, Philippa Mornington FNC 2
Dixon, Jade Pines FNC 2
Berryman, Haylee Rosebud FNC 2
Jacgung, Raechelle Seaford FNC 2
Viojo, Grace Rosebud FNC 2
Bowles, Grace Edithvale Aspendale FNC 2
patrickson, emily Mornington FNC 2
Williams, Ruby Mornington FNC 2
Day, Skye Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Hardstone, Kiera Frankston Bombers FNC 2
CAFFREY, RHIANNA Frankston Bombers FNC 2
Croad, Indiana Sorrento FNC 1
Dixon, Georgia Mornington FNC 1
Graham, Alex Mornington FNC 1
Martin, Kate Mt Eliza FNC 1
Matthews, Eve Frankston YCW FC 1
Mcgeoch, Bridget Pines FNC 1
Williams, Lucy Frankston Bombers FNC 1
Zampatti, Claudia Sorrento FNC 1
Keenan, Ella Seaford FNC 1
Lowe, Alyssa Mt Eliza FNC 1
Wallis, Amanda Frankston YCW FC 1
Swart, Carla Mt Eliza FNC 1
Liepa, Hannah Seaford FNC 1
Harris, Adrienne Crib Point FNC 23
Peney, Jaimee Somerville FNC 17
Vines, Georgia Red Hill FNC 16
Watson, Caitlin Tyabb FNC 16
Wills, Keira Tyabb FNC 15
Foster, Karli Dromana FNC 15
Hosking, Sarah Hastings FNC 13
Aron, Jayde Langwarrin FNC 13
Haugen, Amelia Karingal FNC 13
Drain, Sara Langwarrin FNC 12
Wilson, Emily Dromana FNC 12
Planner, Danielle Somerville FNC 11
Slefendorfas, Amy Langwarrin FNC 10
Hosking, Jessica Hastings FNC 10
Hoogenboom, Lucy Devon Meadows FNC 10
Moncrieff, Tessa Crib Point FNC 10
Nyoul, Madelina Hastings FNC 10
Douglas, Dionne Crib Point FNC 9
Brown, Kayla Tyabb FNC 9
Petroff, Natasha Dromana FNC 9
Jansen, Katja Chelsea FNC 9
Bennet, Emily Langwarrin FNC 8
Hamill, Meg Red Hill FNC 8
Nemaric, Birgitta Tyabb FNC 8
Gill, Shannon Devon Meadows FNC 7
Kenyang, Abuk Karingal FNC 7
Travers, Jayde Langwarrin FNC 7
Riddell, Isabella Karingal FNC 6
Anderson, Sarah Langwarrin FNC 6
Hardeman, Bryoni Devon Meadows FNC 6
Mold, Nicola Red Hill FNC 6
Allen, Kelly Crib Point FNC 6
Williams, Shaye Crib Point FNC 6
McDonald, Alana Devon Meadows FNC 6
Kaitani, Julia Chelsea FNC 5
Kaitani, Verona Chelsea FNC 5
Wills, Sienna Red Hill FNC 5
Zeuschner, Emily Langwarrin FNC 5
Barry-Murphy, Bridgette Karingal FNC 4
Anderson, Kellie Tyabb FNC 4
Capsalis, Madison Karingal FNC 4
Cuming, Isabella Red Hill FNC 4
Mcdermott, Ebony Crib Point FNC 4
Seeto, Lesila Hastings FNC 4
Smith, Julia Tyabb FNC 4
Morrison, Madeline Karingal FNC 3
Kiely, Brooke Langwarrin FNC 3
Bain, Jenelle Devon Meadows FNC 3
Brewster, Renee Karingal FNC 3
Fallon, Natalie Devon Meadows FNC 3
Gundry, Chloe Tyabb FNC 3
Heib, Kylie Tyabb FNC 3
Riddell, Bella Karingal FNC 3
Coulson, Kim Langwarrin FNC 3
Moncrieff, Leah Crib Point FNC 2
Barnett, Jordyn Chelsea FNC 2
Brodie, Milly Dromana FNC 2
Miller, Bev Dromana FNC 2
Cunningham, Mardi Karingal FNC 2
Dobson, Holly Crib Point FNC 2
Hernan, Georgia Chelsea FNC 2
Lane, Louise Pearcedale FNC 2
Mclennan, Rachel Chelsea FNC 2
Neophytou, Maria Somerville FNC 2
Sharp, Tayla Somerville FNC 2
Ashin, Helen-Margaret Hastings FNC 2
Baird, Emilie Red Hill FNC 2
Ram, Nicole Hastings FNC 2
Cook, Lily Crib Point FNC 2
Slaughter, Danielle Tyabb FNC 2
Barnett, Ashlee Chelsea FNC 1
Brown, Isabella Tyabb FNC 1
Buntine, Annie Red Hill FNC 1
Lambert, Darcy Hastings FNC 1
Larrieu, Zoe Chelsea FNC 1
Mace, Anna Karingal FNC 1
Mason, Ella Red Hill FNC 1
Patterson, Kate Red Hill FNC 1
Pratt, Briana Dromana FNC 1
Read, Caitlin Pearcedale FNC 1
Roberts, Madeline Somerville FNC 1
Marshall, Kristy Somerville FNC 1
Souter, Leonie Tyabb FNC 1
Tanner, Sara Somerville FNC 1
Whitfort, Claudia Karingal FNC 1
Morton, Hayley Hastings FNC 1
Pratt, Emily Dromana FNC 1
Morton, Hayley Hastings FNC 1
Marshall, Kristy Somerville FNC 27
Williams, Emily Somerville FNC 26
Le Marshall, Amanda Langwarrin FNC 25
Cunliffe, Amy Karingal FNC 23
Heib, Kylie Tyabb FNC 23
Allen, Kelly Crib Point FNC 21
Hopkins, Laura Dromana FNC 17
Anderson, Lucy Somerville FNC 16
Graham, Rebecca Karingal FNC 16
Walter, Rivalea Dromana FNC 16
Hunter, Elise Dromana FNC 14
Van Dort, Grace Karingal FNC 13
Zeuschner, Zoe Langwarrin FNC 12
Carroll, Zoe Devon Meadows FNC 11
Mace, Anna Karingal FNC 11
Dobson, Holly Crib Point FNC 10
Harris, Samantha Rye FNC 10
Baird, Katie Red Hill FNC 10
McFall, Penny Somerville FNC 9
Newman, Mia Red Hill FNC 9
Wehner, Melissa Langwarrin FNC 9
Mcnamara, Hannah Chelsea FNC 9
Oneill, Kate Crib Point FNC 9
Cotta, Melanie Karingal FNC 9
De Hey, Amy Devon Meadows FNC 8
Morgan, Rhiannon Red Hill FNC 8
Alford, Maggie Dromana FNC 7
Beswick, Keira Tyabb FNC 7
Gazzo, Jessica Chelsea FNC 7
Hearn, Lauren Rye FNC 7
Nelson-Williams, Laila Red Hill FNC 7
Strange, Taylah Hastings FNC 7
Venter, Dane Langwarrin FNC 7
Driscoll, Sophie Dromana FNC 7
Cox, Georgia Crib Point FNC 7
Maslin, Tara Chelsea FNC 7
Pittard, Eliza Dromana FNC 6
Cunningham, Tobi Karingal FNC 5
Haycroft, Zara Hastings FNC 5
Lane, Louise Pearcedale FNC 5
Mason, Jayde Chelsea FNC 5
Weston, Tia Chelsea FNC 5
Monshing, Tara Pearcedale FNC 5
Morton, Hayley Hastings FNC 5
Cocks, Sheridan Hastings FNC 5
Murphy, Jessica Devon Meadows FNC 4
Cole, Ashleigh Langwarrin FNC 4
Farrelly, Brooke Crib Point FNC 4
Johnston, Sarah Langwarrin FNC 4
Lamb, Brenna Langwarrin FNC 4
Lambert, Darcy Hastings FNC 4
Mason, Ella Red Hill FNC 4
Morgan, Katelyn Red Hill FNC 4
Royal, Ashlee Pearcedale FNC 4
Stewart, Miranda Rye FNC 4
Williams, Megan Tyabb FNC 4
Miller, Faith Devon Meadows FNC 4
Adams, Holly Crib Point FNC 3
Castles, Nicole Somerville FNC 3
Crofts, Ruby Chelsea FNC 3
Cuming, Isabella Red Hill FNC 3
Dixon, Rebecca Somerville FNC 3
Ellis, Taylor Tyabb FNC 3
Fairchild, Jessica Devon Meadows FNC 3
Forsyth, Kate Somerville FNC 3
Jones, Ruby Rye FNC 3
Neighbour, Breanna Karingal FNC 3
Roberts, Emily Somerville FNC 3
Shannon, Isabella Red Hill FNC 3
Ulbrick, Adelle Chelsea FNC 3
Boakes, Ella Devon Meadows FNC 3
Fulton, Madison Langwarrin FNC 3
Coates, Tahlia Jane Pearcedale FNC 3
Close, Lexie Chelsea FNC 3
Neill, Talesha Tyabb FNC 3
Gilmour, Courtney Somerville FNC 3
Morton, Jessica Hastings FNC 3
Coombs, Rhiannon Tyabb FNC 2
Cox, Sheridan Hastings FNC 2
De Koning, Zoe Red Hill FNC 2
Horobin, Ellyce Crib Point FNC 2
McGuinness, Darcy Pearcedale FNC 2
Read, Caitlin Pearcedale FNC 2
Roberts, Madeline Somerville FNC 2
Rowe, Peyton Karingal FNC 2
Souter, Leonie Tyabb FNC 2
Wallace, Molly Karingal FNC 2
White, Fiona Crib Point FNC 2
Rotariu, Stacey Devon Meadows FNC 2
Wilson, Michaela Karingal FNC 2
McNamara, Hannah Chelsea FNC 2
Becker, Madison Tyabb FNC 2
Brodie, Milly Dromana FNC 1
Bysouth, Jillian Devon Meadows FNC 1
Caling, Hayley Chelsea FNC 1
Cuming, Mae Red Hill FNC 1
Goetz, Amy Dromana FNC 1
Hamill, Lucy Red Hill FNC 1
Heseltine, Caitlin Dromana FNC 1
Jankovic, Rachel Rye FNC 1
Radin, Simone Karingal FNC 1
Weston, Tamsin Chelsea FNC 1
White, Shannon Red Hill FNC 1
Simionato, Chelsey M Hastings FNC 1
O’Brien, Laura Tyabb FNC 1
Leonard , Sally Langwarrin FNC 1
Mc Manus, Kym Chelsea FNC 1
Cook, Lily Crib Point FNC 1
Slaughter, Danielle Tyabb FNC 1
Sutton, Tayla Karingal FNC 32
Smith, Jade Dromana FNC 23
Farquharson, Jessie Red Hill FNC 22
Herrick, Elyse Devon Meadows FNC 21
Collison, Amie Crib Point FNC 20
Ulbrick, Adelle Chelsea FNC 19
Crabtree, Tayla Karingal FNC 19
Budge, Madison Hastings FNC 18
Gruar, Ebony Somerville FNC 17
Stewart, Kiah Chelsea FNC 17
DeZeeuw, Laura Langwarrin FNC 16
Waterstone, Jayde Tyabb FNC 14
Gallagher, Ayla Crib Point FNC 13
Dunn , Georgie Dromana FNC 13
Drinkwater, Emma Dromana FNC 12
Holland, Georgia Chelsea FNC 12
Harris, Emily Rye FNC 11
Horobin, Ellyce Crib Point FNC 10
Kelly, Lace Tyabb FNC 10
McGrath, Kristy Rye FNC 10
Flagg, Andrea Chelsea FNC 9
Siemienowicz , Clorinda Dromana FNC 9
Gilmour, Courtney Somerville FNC 9
Holmes, Karina Red Hill FNC 9
Kibble, Kylie Dromana FNC 8
hodder, chloe Tyabb FNC 8
Burke, Sara Karingal FNC 7
Collie, Karlee Hastings FNC 7
Fletcher, Jessica Karingal FNC 7
Gana, Shania Rye FNC 7
Woodlock, Ally Chelsea FNC 7
Smith, Laura Crib Point FNC 7
Dalgleish, Tracey Pearcedale FNC 6
Dawson, Sarah Langwarrin FNC 6
Hunt, Chloe-Rose Red Hill FNC 6
Mccartney, Leah Karingal FNC 6
Roberts, Hayley Pearcedale FNC 6
Cicchini, Nicole Langwarrin FNC 5
Dewit, Brooke Tyabb FNC 5
Dewit, Lauren Tyabb FNC 5
Hall, Amy Devon Meadows FNC 5
Hansford, Emily Pearcedale FNC 5
Peynenborg, Sophie Langwarrin FNC 5
Spicer, Stephanie Karingal FNC 5
White, Fiona Crib Point FNC 5
Wilkins, Evie Red Hill FNC 5
Cochrane, Mackenzie Dromana FNC 5
Hall, Rachael Somerville FNC 5
Fyffe, Chelsea Pearcedale FNC 4
Gibbs, Skye Langwarrin FNC 4
Laffy, Rebecca Somerville FNC 4
Mckelvie, Lisa Langwarrin FNC 4
Greenfield, Jasmyn Rye FNC 4
morgan, kay Somerville FNC 4
Phillips, Breanna Crib Point FNC 4
Treuel, Brooke Hastings FNC 4
O’Neill, Alexandra Crib Point FNC 4
Christodoulou, Shannon Rye FNC 3
Edwards, Emily Devon Meadows FNC 3
Finn, Jade Somerville FNC 3
Gallagher, Rachel Crib Point FNC 3
Guest, Alisha Langwarrin FNC 3
Marshall, Molly Pearcedale FNC 3
Murray, Brooke Devon Meadows FNC 3
Vermay, Tylah Langwarrin FNC 3
Pittard, Eliza Dromana FNC 3
Browne, Caitlyn Devon Meadows FNC 3
Cuming, Mayra Tyabb FNC 3
Laity, Jessica Red Hill FNC 3
Baird, Jennifer Pearcedale FNC 3
Aarsman, Stephanie Chelsea FNC 2
Blaze, Genevieve Rye FNC 2
Chandler, Peta-Lee Hastings FNC 2
Daniels, Sallie Chelsea FNC 2
Garratt, Kristen Pearcedale FNC 2
Gracan, Jessica Devon Meadows FNC 2
Jones, Ruby Rye FNC 2
King, Danyale Karingal FNC 2
Ord, Courtney Hastings FNC 2
Pollard, Hayley Dromana FNC 2
Rolfe, Natalie Tyabb FNC 2
Romeril, Stacey Crib Point FNC 2
Shorey, Brooke Pearcedale FNC 2
Snow, Shelley Langwarrin FNC 2
Williams, Robyn Crib Point FNC 2
Woodward, Olivia Pearcedale FNC 2
Chalmers, Candice Hastings FNC 2
Kain, Fiona Hastings FNC 2
Hall, Sharma Pearcedale FNC 2
Larkin, Mollie Hastings FNC 2
Coombs, Rhiannon Tyabb FNC 1
Allsep, Casey Chelsea FNC 1
Hodges, Amber Pearcedale FNC 1
Arnold, Nicki Rye FNC 1
Birch, Chloe Dromana FNC 1
Boland, Monique Somerville FNC 1
Connor, Sarah Pearcedale FNC 1
Dixon, Rebecca Somerville FNC 1
Gruar, Tesharnie Somerville FNC 1
Hameeteman , Kylie Devon Meadows FNC 1
Hustwayte, Sarah Jane Somerville FNC 1
Jury, Emily-Kate Pearcedale FNC 1
Kemp, Emily Somerville FNC 1
King, Abbie Red Hill FNC 1
Van Den Elst, Caitlyn Somerville FNC 1
Higginbotham, Katie Devon Meadows FNC 1
Schulz, Ella Red Hill FNC 1
Kalkbrenner, Saskia Red Hill FNC 1
Webb, Hayley Pearcedale FNC 1
Gwynne, Madison C Somerville FNC 27
Jenkins, Channelle Dromana FNC 25
Dupuy, Sahra Dromana FNC 24
Campbell, Skyler Langwarrin FNC 20
Wilson, Chelsey Somerville FNC 20
Coventry, Carly Crib Point FNC 18
Murphy, Leah Tyabb FNC 16
Greenough, Briohny Karingal FNC 16
Caller, Isabelle Karingal FNC 14
Earle, Brittany Karingal FNC 14
Thomson, Bianca Rye FNC 14
Baker, Georgia Tyabb FNC 13
Broomfield, Rebecca Rye FNC 13
Finn, Jade Somerville FNC 12
O’Brien, Maddy Langwarrin FNC 12
Hansford, Emily Pearcedale FNC 11
Hogan-Keogh, Victoria Hastings FNC 11
Kalkbrenner, Saskia Red Hill FNC 11
O’Leary, Rebecca Karingal FNC 10
Cameron, Samantha Chelsea FNC 10
Rowley, Linda Pearcedale FNC 9
O’Brien, Ashleigh H Devon Meadows FNC 9
Foy, Mikaela Crib Point FNC 8
McLennan, Laura Karingal FNC 8
Stephens, Jodie Rye FNC 8
Bush, Awatea Chelsea FNC 8
Beal, Melanie Langwarrin FNC 7
Gledhill, Ashleigh Red Hill FNC 7
Serong, Tomeisha Crib Point FNC 7
Walsh, Bronywn Dromana FNC 7
henderson, mackenzie Tyabb FNC 7
Wynne, Madi Red Hill FNC 7
Bennet, Gabrielle Langwarrin FNC 6
Crow, Kylie Crib Point FNC 6
Keillor, Jessica Langwarrin FNC 6
Myszka, Caitlin Somerville FNC 6
Rhys-Jones, Breanna Chelsea FNC 6
Coombe, Alexandra Dromana FNC 6
Hatcher, Hayley Chelsea FNC 6
Culton, Shaelee Pearcedale FNC 5
Hall, Amy Devon Meadows FNC 5
Proud, Kelly Karingal FNC 5
Thompson, Chantelle Karingal FNC 5
Williams, Megan E Tyabb FNC 5
Miller, Megan Hastings FNC 4
Gibbon, Natalie Langwarrin FNC 4
Jamieson, Megan Somerville FNC 4
Quinton, Emily Tyabb FNC 4
Ryan, Jordyn Chelsea FNC 4
Burke, Marlow Devon Meadows FNC 4
Romeril, Meagan Crib Point FNC 4
Henry, Kara Devon Meadows FNC 4
Ainsworth, Kerrie Crib Point FNC 4
Rouse, Mali Somerville FNC 4
Whitfort, Jessica Karingal FNC 3
Coates, Christie Crib Point FNC 3
Hayes, Kelsey Tyabb FNC 3
Howlett, Lauren Chelsea FNC 3
Lavelle, Melissa Langwarrin FNC 3
Marshall, Molly Pearcedale FNC 3
Mcnamara, Harriet Rye FNC 3
Oakes, Lisa C Somerville FNC 3
Pattison, Melissa Rye FNC 3
Ramanathan, Emily Karingal FNC 3
Rouse, Mali Somerville FNC 3
Shortis, Holly Langwarrin FNC 3
Sullivan, Eryn Langwarrin FNC 3
Taylor, Victoria Pearcedale FNC 3
Woodward, Stacy Pearcedale FNC 3
Woolley, Kirra Hastings FNC 3
Henrick, Jessica Hastings FNC 3
Laity, Jessica Red Hill FNC 3
Horvath, Imogen Red Hill FNC 3
Quint, Alannah Pearcedale FNC 3
McLenaghan, Tonya Somerville FNC 3
Francis, Shani Pearcedale FNC 3
Hall, Christie Somerville FNC 3
Miller, Megan Hastings FNC 2
Baker, Amy Chelsea FNC 2
De Luca, Jessie Lee Dromana FNC 2
Edwards-Poulton, Victoria Rye FNC 2
Fox, Rachel Devon Meadows FNC 2
HEPWORTH, Lauren Chelsea FNC 2
Keane, Elise Dromana FNC 2
Michie, Amanda Devon Meadows FNC 2
Philip, Fiona Langwarrin FNC 2
Simmons, Melanie Pearcedale FNC 2
Stephens, Lucy Red Hill FNC 2
Cook, Katherine Pearcedale FNC 2
Vermay, Tylah Langwarrin FNC 2
Wilton, Lesli Crib Point FNC 2
Hilder, Barbara Rye FNC 2
Ivinskis, Lauren Devon Meadows FNC 2
Radings, Jemma Dromana FNC 2
Waterfall, Nhyah Red Hill FNC 2
Piotrowski , Jane Crib Point FNC 2
Mock, Sheryn Hastings FNC 2
Thomson, Bianca Rye FNC 2
Cincotta, Jessica Devon Meadows FNC 2
Bycroft, Lucy Red Hill FNC 1
Cicchini, Nicole Langwarrin FNC 1
French, Alison Karingal FNC 1
Graham, Tarryn Crib Point FNC 1
Larke, Michaela Pearcedale FNC 1
Mammi, Deanna M Tyabb FNC 1
Myszka, Emily Somerville FNC 1
Walter, Tahlia Dromana FNC 1
Geurts, Georgia Dromana FNC 1
Young, Makayla Hastings FNC 1
Maree, Lisa Langwarrin FNC 1
Mugavin, Julia Somerville FNC 1
Smith, Laura Crib Point FNC 1
Stockdale, Claire Tyabb FNC 1
Murphy, Ciara Devon Meadows FNC 1
Watson, Emma Pearcedale FNC 1
Hood, Michelle Hastings FNC 1
Scarr, Ella Red Hill FNC 1
Finnegan, Kim Hastings FNC 1
Quint, Alannah Pearcedale FNC 29
Struthers, Kirra Hastings FNC 26
Shannon, Isabella Red Hill FNC 22
Coates, Tahlia Jane Pearcedale FNC 19
Morton, Jessica Hastings FNC 19
Piper, Jesse Devon Meadows FNC 18
Hamill, Lucy Red Hill FNC 16
Baird, Katie Red Hill FNC 16
Yap, Megan Karingal FNC 15
Mckenzie Mcharg, Georgia Devon Meadows FNC 15
Cochrane, Mackenzie Dromana FNC 14
Boundy, Charmian Pearcedale FNC 10
De Koning, Zoe Red Hill FNC 10
Small, Jessika Pearcedale FNC 10
Mcnamara, Abbi Hastings FNC 9
Graham, Ciara Crib Point FNC 8
Nicholls, Mackenzie Langwarrin FNC 8
Fitzpatrick, Shaye Dromana FNC 7
Geurts, Georgia Dromana FNC 7
Mills, Georgia Pearcedale FNC 6
Ivinskis, Lauren Devon Meadows FNC 6
Debnam, Holly Hastings FNC 6
Reid, Hailey Pearcedale FNC 5
Castle, Emily Red Hill FNC 4
Grocock, Lucy Dromana FNC 4
Walter, Tahlia Dromana FNC 4
Watson, Dakota Karingal FNC 4
Radings, Jemma Dromana FNC 4
Dixon, Shontay Karingal FNC 4
Paxton, Taylah Karingal FNC 4
Bradford, Jade Langwarrin FNC 3
Larkin, Molly Hastings FNC 3
Mckenzie, Zali Dromana FNC 3
Perceval, Chloe Langwarrin FNC 3
Strange, Matilda Hastings FNC 3
Waterfall, Nhyah Red Hill FNC 3
Lucas, Ashley Langwarrin FNC 3
burns, teagan Karingal FNC 3
Limock, Arielle Crib Point FNC 3
Greening, Haylee Crib Point FNC 2
Jones, Gemma Karingal FNC 2
Lyttle, Zoe Langwarrin FNC 2
Piotrowski, Emma Crib Point FNC 2
Gouderjaan, Florence Dromana FNC 2
Hooper, Molli Pearcedale FNC 2
Hogg, Ruby Langwarrin FNC 2
Newnham, Albi Crib Point FNC 2
McDonald, Chloe Karingal FNC 2
Furnival, Paris Pearcedale FNC 1
Laity, Eliza Red Hill FNC 1
Mc Carthy, Imogen Hastings FNC 1
Zurek, Courtney Devon Meadows FNC 1
Hutchinson, Ebony Devon Meadows FNC 1
Cunningham-Bruce, Billie Pearcedale FNC 1
Gottschling, Emily Devon Meadows FNC 1
Ponton, Baillie Langwarrin FNC 1
Shkreli, Hannah Crib Point FNC 1
Aitken, Elly Crib Point FNC 1